R+D Laboratory

The heart of the company is its “Normalized Testing Center of Extinguishing Agents” (called CENAE) which is the only lab of its type operating in Latin America under ISO 17025. Here we research, develop and test new product launching as well as the quality specifications compliances of the existing ones; guiding them to the most strict performance and environmental preservation requirements.

CENAE subjects extinguishing agents to test and provide a result in compliance with the regulation standards. This is useful not only to our productive facilities but also for the following entities:

Standardization and certification organizations:
CENAE provides all the necessary tools to perform extinguishing agents tests with the best available technology

Judicial authorities:
Expert’s appraisal of the extinguishing agents in case of accident.

Engineering studies specialized in fire installations:
Through the services provided by CENAE, proper extinguishing agents may be selected and specific maintenance programs can be established.

Petrochemical and oil companies:
CENAE provides condition reports of the extinguishing agents to help establishing their maintenance and replacement guidelines.

Fire extinguisher manufacturers:
It helps them to explore different international markets since the validity of the tests performed by CENAE will show that the fire extinguishers comply with the standards, thus overcoming the entry barriers resulting from the technical requirements of such products in different countries.

With CENAE services they have the possibility to offer their clients a verification system of the technical condition of the extinguishing agent.

More information at: ISO17025 – Fire Extinguishing Agents Lab – CENAE

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