Film formation and sealability

This test is carried out at the concentration of use recommended by the manufacturer.
6.7.1 Reagents Cyclohexane p.a Water (IRAM 21322)

6.7.2 Instruments and materials One-liter capacity, 11.5-cm diameter, and 13-cm height stainless steel or glass flask. 12-cm diameter, 13-cm height stainless steel wire cone. Wire mesh designation is IRAM 180 m in accordance with IRAM 1501-2 standard. Burner with an approximately 3-cm long pilot flame Common, household use blender. Timer with an accuracy of 0.2 s.

6.7.3 Procedure 400 ml of water at 20ºC are poured into the stainless steel flask and 200 ml of cyclohexane are added. 200 ml of the foaming solution at the use concentration recommended by the manufacturer and 20ºC are poured into the blender, and the blender is started at its minimum speed during 30 s. 200 ml of foam are immediately poured over the cyclohexane. Then, the cone is introduced inside the flask with its vertex downwards, handling it slowly. The inner surface of the cone should be free of foam; if there is any foam on this surface it should be removed. After 1 min, the pilot flame is passed over the surface of the fuel at an approximate distance of 16 mm. The appearance of small, self-extinguishable flames is allowed, but no sustained ignition should occur

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