Tech specs Foam Concentrate AFFF 6% DEMSA 206 MN

  1. General features
    AFFF 6% Demsa 206 MN is an efficient aqueous film-forming foam concentrate, formulated from specialty fluoro chemical and hydrocarbon surfactants along with solvents.
    It is intended for use as a 6% proportioned solution in fresh, salt or hard water. It may also be used and stored as a 6% premixed solution in fresh or potable water only. The correct proportioning ratio is 6 parts concentrate to 94 parts of water.
    Three fire suppression mechanisms are in effect when using AFFF 6% Demsa 206 MN.
    A) An aqueous film is formed which blocks the release of inflammable vapors.
    B) The foam blanket from which the film-forming liquid drains excludes oxygen from the fuel surface.
    C) The water content of the foam acts as a cooling agent.
  2. Applications
    AFFF 6% Demsa 206 MN concentrate is intended for use on Class B (US and EEC stds) non polars solvents – hydrocarbon fuel fires having low water solubility – such as various crude oils, gasolines, diesel fuels, aviation fuels, etc.
    Not suitable for use on polar solvents – fuels having appreciable water solubility – such as methyl and ethyl alcohol, acetone, and methyl ethyl ketone.
    It can be used with both aspirating and non-aspirating discharge devices because of the low energy required to produce the foam.
    The excellent wetting characteristics make it useful in combating Class A fires as well.
    The foam resulting from the concentrate can be used with Demsa´s dry chemicals powders to provide even greater fire protection capability.
    AFFF 6% Demsa 206 MN is compatible with standard carbon and stainless steel pipes or brass compounds. Alternative pipe, fittings, and valves may be used in some cases if acceptable to the customer and/or the authority having jurisdiction.
    AFFF 6% Demsa 206 MN should not be mixed with other ratio or brand AFFFs. Galvanized pipe and fittings must not be used in areas where undiluted concentrate will contact them since corrosion will result.
  3. Toxicity
    Under normal conditions of use, AFFF 6% Demsa 206 MN it is environmental friendly and non-toxic to humans and animals. Refer to our Demsa´s AFFF Safety Data Sheet for further specifications and regulations.
    WARNING: skin and eye irritant.
  4. Appearance
    AFFF 6% Demsa 206 MN is a blue liquid. Other colors are available upon request.
  5. Packing
    AFFF 6% Demsa 206 MN presentations are:
    – 25 L Plastic pail
    – 200 L Drum
    – 1000 L Container (Tote)
  6. Storage & Inspection
    AFFF 6% Demsa 206 MN is formulated for long term storage. When stored in the packaging supplied or in equipment recommended by the manufacturer as part of the foam system and within the temperature limits specified, the shelf life is about 20-25 years.
    The concentrate integrity depends on the prevalent storage conditions. It is recommended to store in temperatures between 4°C to 49°C / 35°F to 120°F.
    Like any other fire suppressing agent, AFFF 6% Demsa 206 MN, whether in the concentrate or pre-mixed form, should be inspected periodically. An annual inspection is recommended unless unusual conditions of exposure occur.
  7. Physical and chemical properties

    Nominal concentration 6%
    Specific Gravity (20ºC H2O=1): 1,010 g/cm3
    Viscosity (20°C) 2-4 cSt
    Maximum temperature of use (°C) 49
    Freezing point (°C)* 0 / -10 / -20
    PH (20°C) 7,0 / 8,5
    Foaming properties (Min. expansion) >= 6 ml/g
    Color Blue
    Compatible with chemical powder Yes
    * Point of freezing:-10ºC /-20ºC under requirement.
  8. Quality assurance and approvals.
    AFFF 6% Demsa 206 MN is manufactured and certified under ISO 9001:2015 international standard.
    AFFF 6% Demsa 206 MN is produced under UL 162.
    AFFF 6% Demsa 206 MN meets EN 1568 – ECCstandards.
    Product certified Under IRAM 3515/2013

The information provided in this Safety Data Sheet is correct to the best of our knowledge, information and belief at the date of its publication. The information given is designed only as a guidance for safe handling, use, processing, storage, transportation, disposal and release and is not to be considered a warranty or quality specification. The information relates only to the specific material designated and may not be valid for such material used in combination with any other materials or in any process, unless specified in the text

Sheet Revision Date: June 19 , 2019 Rev 02

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